ZeroHybrid Network

Dev Updates:


  • UI updates, images&style
  • Version Update
  • Staking function underdevelopment

ZeroHybrid APP:

  • Fix bugs
  • update account preference setting
  • update verification methods

Community & Ecosystem

Communities Stats:

  • Twitter: 57,314
  • Telegram Ann: 8,173
  • Telegram Chat: 31,704
  • Medium: 15,416


“ZeroHybrid Mining and Staking”

“ZeroHybrid — Creating Decentalized Trusted Computing for All”


  • Mobifi partnership pending

Airdrop Distribution:

  • CoinMarketCap Airdrop Event Distributed


  • ZeroHybrid Staking Pool

About ZeroHybrid Network:

ZeroHybrid is the industry’s first ARM-based decentralized trusted computing network that can use mobile devices to provide computing power. ZeroHybrid utilized the wildly spread ARM chipsets to implement TEE, which guarantees the computation process through the power of the hardware, enabling a trusted environment not able to be modified by other software. With the diversity of ARM chips and wide range of application scenarios, to form a safe, credible and decentralized computing environment.

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ZeroHybrid Network

ZeroHybrid Network

ZeroHybrid Network is a decentralized trusted computation network based on the blockchain.