With the accelerating development of Internet capabilities in the past few years, data security has become a hot topic. In this era, data is the new oil, and when it comes to digital resources, we need to protect data. We also need to use this data effectively, giving rise to another colossal market: privacy computing.

So what is private computing? It can be best understood as video, audio, images, graphics, text, numerical information, with integrated privacy information, including measurement, assessment, and integration operations. …

ZeroHybrid is proud to announce its partnership with Apron Network, a decentralized infrastructure service platform built by employing Polkadot technology in the blockchain world

Through this new partnership, ZeroHybrid will provide a trusted computing service to Apron. It will allow Apron to enhance its privacy-preserving function. Apron and ZeroHybrid will jointly get one step closer to a truly decentralized network.

We are thrilled to announce that ZeroHybrid is now partnered with Turtle Finance a decentralized trading strategy platform. With the support of ZeroHybrid trusted computing technology, Turtle Finance will be more competitive compared with other undertakers and greatly improving its user experience by satisfying their needs for privacy cross-chain transactions.

Are you interested in ZeroHybrid Network? Are you passionate about memes? Then this contest is for you!

ZeroHybrid Network is launching its 1st MEME Contest. In return for making the best memes, team is offering some generous rewards:

We’re happy to announce our meme contest & can’t wait to start the game now.


September 5th — September 12th


1. Follow https://twitter.com/ZeroHybridOffic

2. Join https://t.me/ZeroHybridNetwork

3. Follow https://t.me/zerohybriannoucement

4. Tweet your meme below, tag 3 friends & @ZeroHybridOffic &#ZeroHybrid


  • First Prize, 1 winner, 200 USDT reward
  • Second Prize, 1 winner, 150 USDT reward
  • Third Prize, 1 winner, 100 USDT reward
  • Most…

The ZeroHybrid Bug Bounty Program provides bounties for bugs. We call on all bug hunters to help us audit, identify and report vulnerabilities within our ZeroHybrid APP. Find the bugs and get rewarded.


  • The security bug must be original and previously unreported.
  • The security bug must be found under the ZeroHybrid APP, not the code of a third party.
  • You must not have written the buggy code or otherwise been involved in contributing the buggy code to the ZeroHybrid project.
  • You must not be an employee, contractor, or otherwise have a business relationship with ZeroHybird or any of its subsidiaries.

A moment we are all waiting for, ZeroHybrid Testnet is ready to launch as of July 2021. To our community involved in the development of ZeroHybrid, we would like to hold a challenge for a chance to win ZHT tokens. The rules are simple: set up a node with ZeroHybrid Computing Node APP on your device and start mining!

Note: Computing Node App currently supports Android phones with ARM v8a and v7a architecture CPUs.

Reward Details:

A total giveaway of 200,000 ZHT will be granted for the competition. The prizes will be split between these events:

Computation Challenge

A total of 150,000 ZHT will…

ZeroHybrid is a hybrid trusted computing network built by mobile devices. ZeroHybrid Network constructs a trusted computing environment on computing capable entities such as PCs, servers, and mobile devices, and uses substrate to realize a multi-terminal and multi-architecture blockchain network, which combines computing capable devices in all corners of the world to form a global trusted computer.

With the mission to form a world-class and universal trusted computing protocol network in the future. We have gathered a team of top-notch talents and a group of world-class investors to achieve the mission together.

We are happy and honored to announce that…

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary inventions in human history, alongside the likes of fire and the printing press. Still, its centralized nature makes it corruptible and prone to manipulation. ZeroHybrid Network has introduced a solution to this large-scale problem, creating a decentralized blockchain-based distributed computing network that can become the primary infrastructure for the future of digital interactions.

In current iterations of distributed computing frameworks, contributors need massive amounts of computing space to maintain the network. ZeroHybrid has created a methodology that allows for its digital infrastructure to run on mobile devices, making involvement highly accessible…

Updated ZeroHybrid RoadMap April 2021

What we already did:

2021 Q1

  • Complete ZeroHybrid Whitepaper
  • Submit Web3 Open Grants Application
  • ZeroHybrid Private Sale
  • 1st Demo of Miner on Mobile

Last quarter of 2021, we had our team finalized are started the technical development for ZeroHybrid. In January of 20121, we finalized the 1st version of our whitepaper and submitted Web3 Open Grants Application. In March, we started the seed round of our private sale and gained strong investment support from industry bigwigs. Our 1st demo mobile version for miners is in the finalizing stage and will be released shortly.

What we are currently doing:

2021 Q2

  • Implement blockchain
  • Complete Web3 Open Grants Milestone 1
  • Launch the 1st testnet
  • IDO

Project Background:

Most of the computations on the current internet are un-trusted due to the lack of policy or schema that ensures the processes of computation are correctly executed because everything is centralized in the web 2.0 age.

TEE is a mature trusted computation environment from Intel, but now widely spread with ARM chipset almost everywhere in sight. With chipsets have TEE, the processes of computation are ensured by the power of the hardware, and the result is not able to be modified by other software which means we can say the whole computation is almost secured and can be trusted.


ZeroHybrid Network

ZeroHybrid Network is a decentralized trusted computation network base on blockchain will underlying the fundamental infrastructure of the future digital world

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