ZeroHybrid Official RoadMap

Updated ZeroHybrid RoadMap April 2021

What we already did:

  • Complete ZeroHybrid Whitepaper
  • Submit Web3 Open Grants Application
  • ZeroHybrid Private Sale
  • 1st Demo of Miner on Mobile

Last quarter of 2021, we had our team finalized are started the technical development for ZeroHybrid. In January of 20121, we finalized the 1st version of our whitepaper and submitted Web3 Open Grants Application. In March, we started the seed round of our private sale and gained strong investment support from industry bigwigs. Our 1st demo mobile version for miners is in the finalizing stage and will be released shortly.

What we are currently doing:

  • Implement blockchain
  • Complete Web3 Open Grants Milestone 1
  • Launch the 1st testnet
  • IDO
  • Launch Ambassador Program

After the release of our Demo Version and the completion of the seed round, we will start a massive campaign to spread ZeroHybrid around the crypto space. We will talk with influencers and we will start various advertisement campaigns with crypto journals. Besides that, we are starting in preparation for IDO and our ambassador programs.

What’s to expect in the future:

  • Launch the 2nd testnet
  • The first version of the decentralized task distribution system
  • Implement UserNode for end-users
  • Submit the application of the Substrate Builder Program
  • Launch Bounty Program

After the mass adoption, we will be reputable to work with Launchpads and close important partnerships. Since that, we will continue to improve on our service and getting feedback from our users. At the same time, we will start the application process for the Substrate Builder Program.

ZeroHybrid Network is a decentralized trusted computation network base on blockchain will underlying the fundamental infrastructure of the future digital world